Crafting a Dream

This is one post in a series about Hero Round Table videos. Jen Cooper is a teacher and a visual artist, but her HRT talk is about achieving goals. “Crafting a Dream” is the snazzy title. Jen wants to know if you’ve ever had an idea stuck in your head that just wouldn’t go away. After traveling the world with her husband, Jared, the two of them settled in Denver but kept asking themselves how they might get back to Central America. Eight years later, they opened a volunteer school in Nicaragua. How did they do it? Jen offers this Venn diagram as an organizational tool (Sphere of Influence, passion, attainable) First, ask yourself what you can control, then push farther than that. What can yo

New Video

My new promo video is now live on YouTube! Many thanks to South Kent School for this opportunity.

Let's Talk About Violence

This is one post in a series about Hero Round Table videos. Graham Goulden wears a kilt and talks about violence. He wants you to talk about it, too. (The kilt is optional.) Graham talks about the countless interviews he conducted during his thirty-year career as a police officer in Scotland, in which witnesses “knew something was going to happen,” but they did nothing to prevent the crime. Motivated to empower ordinary citizens to ‘do something,’ Graham helped launch a special police Violence Reduction Unit dedicated to coordinating a national anti-violence campaign. He believes that “Silence is the infection that keeps violence going. We all have the responsibility to take a stand.” He poi

Charlie Kuhn, CEO of Cultures of Dignity

I had a great morning video-chatting with Charlie Kuhn, CEO of Cultures of Dignity which he co-founded with crackerjack Rosalind Wiseman, bestselling author of books like Queen Bees and Wannabees. We talked about the thrill of collaboration, the awesome Burger King bullying PSA, and our mutual friend, Gerry Valentine. Looking forward to our next conversation!


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