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Travel Mal

This is one post in a series about Hero Round Table videos.

Malorie Brown and friends

I just watched Malorie Brown’s HRT talk. I’m so jealous! Right?

7 years, 42 countries, and $238,000 raised. How did she do that? How can I do something like that?

"Travel Mal" answers that question: (1) tell your story, (2) ask people to help, (3) be bold. In this video, Malorie goes into detail about one project, explaining how she asked thirty personal friends to advocate for thirty specific Ethiopian women. By asking for help, Malorie multiplied her impact 30x. And the one-to-one approach enabled those friends to tell just one story to their friends, who in turn offered their support. As Mal explains, people really want to help, but they don’t know how. Travel Mal, Begin with One, and Crowdrise showed them how.

My favorite aspect of this video is Mal’s authenticity. She travels, and she cares about people. That's it. That's her. Instead of twisting herself to fit inside a cubical job, she invented a career to fit her identity. She built a machine around her unique engine. We should all do that.

Watch all the Hero Round Table talks on their YouTube channel, or join me in San Francisco this April!

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